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Do you know how frequently your child indulges in candy? Shockingly, according to research by the USDA Economic Research Service, children under 12 consume an average of 49 pounds of sugar per year. While candy isn’t the sole source of sugar in their diet, its impact on dental health can be particularly concerning. Let’s delve into the repercussions of sugary treats and how they can jeopardize your child’s smile.

Understanding the Effect of Sugar on Teeth

The primary villain in candy is its high sugar content. When consumed, certain bacteria in the mouth feed on sugar, producing acid that attacks tooth enamel. This erosion of enamel increases the risk of decay. While the mouth can neutralize acids and aid in enamel remineralization to some extent, excessive sugar intake overwhelms these natural defenses. Hence, it’s crucial to limit sugar consumption and maintain a robust oral hygiene routine.

Beware of Sticky, Sugary Candies

Not all candies are created equal, and some pose greater risks to dental health than others. Sticky candies, for instance, cling to the teeth’s surface, prolonging exposure to sugar and bacteria. Gum drops and taffy are prime examples of sticky candies that accelerate enamel erosion. Similarly, suckers, lollipops, and hard candies pose risks due to prolonged exposure in the mouth, which can weaken enamel and even cause tooth damage.

Other problematic candies include gummy treats coated in sugar. While enticing, treats like gummy worms or sour chewy candies combine high sugar content with acidic coatings that further erode enamel.

Steps to Prevent Decay

Limiting candy consumption and sugar intake is essential for safeguarding your child’s dental health. Encourage good oral hygiene habits by ensuring they brush their teeth for two minutes twice daily. Make brushing fun by singing a song together or letting them choose their toothbrush and toothpaste flavor.

While candy can be a fun treat, educating your child about its potential dental consequences is crucial. Untreated decay can lead to pain and infection, underscoring the importance of regular dental check-ups. Schedule your child’s next appointment with Dentist Naperville at Brammeier Dental Associates for a comprehensive examination and preventive care.

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