Lindsay U.

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Dr. Brammeier is a miracle worker. When I first came to him this past fall, my dental anxiety was so severe that I had not been able to see a dentist in over EIGHT YEARS, and had to be medicated when I came to appointments. I had a cavity that I was aware of for several years, and it finally got to the point where I had excruciating pain. During my initial evaluation with Dr. Brammeier, I explained my extreme fear and awful experiences with past dentists. He set up a care plan, and walked me through step by step what we would do, together. During that first visit I never once felt embarrassed about my poor dental health, and I was constantly reassured everyone there was going to help me and support me along the way. I really felt like he cared about me and my health, and he truly listened and provided reasonable answers to my concerns. He took the extra time to get to know me and came up with a solution to defeat my fear. I have had about 6 appointments with him since, and thanks to him I am now COMFORTABLE seeing the dentist! Dr. Brammeier and his team have not only turned around my health, they have completely eliminated my fears!!! My last appointment with him was a little more challenging then we had anticipated, but thanks to his demeanor and assistants I got through it just fine. A few days later, I received a note in the mail from Dr. Brammeier saying that I had made it through that appointment like a champ. It further solidified my trust and confidence in him, and reassured me that I have found my dentist for life. I never thought I would say that I like any dentist, but I LOVE mine!!!! Thank you so much, Dr. Brammeier!!!

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Dentist in Naperville, IL

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