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I was lucky enough to find Brammeier Dental Associates and made an appointment with Dr. Brammeier. I needed to set up a plan to find a way to get my teeth healthy again. After a lifetime of grinding my teeth while I sleep, I needed to move fast to save my teeth. Dr. Brammeier strongly recommended that I go with crowns on the teeth that were damaged from the grinding and several fillings/cavities. He worked up a plan to put in crowns on the lower back teeth first to build up my bite. The next step was to put crowns on the damaged front eight teeth. All through the process, he worked with me and followed the plan. I also worked with their insurance specialist who worked with my insurance company and explained the fees with certainty. There were no hidden fees or unexpected charges at any point along the way. Everyone there was truly great to work with. From the reception to the dental assistants (Dr. B’s assistants were absolutely fantastic!!!) And Dr. Brammeier was always upbeat and steady with the plan. I cannot be more satisfied with the results. My teeth feel absolutely normal and look amazing. I’ve had bad experiences with dentists before that never had a plan but instead just worked to put out fires. Dr. Brammeier was great to work with and his confidence in his work was not just talk. He truly did an amazing job! I am very grateful for his determination at perfection. I would absolutely recommend that anyone needing a simple check-up or more complicated work to reach out to Dr. Brammeier.

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Dentist in Naperville, IL

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